by Laura Mars

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Review des Ox Fanzine:
"Das Magdeburger Quintett LAURA MARS liefert mit „Vultures“ eine Platte ab, der ein gewisser Neunziger-Jahre-Spirit innewohnt, die dabei aber nicht annähernd altbacken wirkt. Die Songs klingen wie eine Melange aus SxE-Newschool à la UNBROKEN oder NEWBORN und hardcore-punkiger Rumpeligkeit der Marke COMADRE.

Obwohl die Zutaten alte Bekannte und übliche Verdächtige sind, wirkt die Scheibe insgesamt unheimlich frisch. Kommt mit ultraschickem Artwork und erklärenden Anmerkungen zu jedem Song. Ich kann mich erinnern, dass dies in den Neunzigern im Krachuntergrund noch Usus war; heute leider so selten wie ähnlich gelungene Rückgriffe auf Vergangenes wie dieser hier."


released September 10, 2009

Recorded and mastered in August 2008 @ Die Tonmeisterei
Layout – Steffen Jany
Printed By – Dekor Labor



all rights reserved


Laura Mars Magdeburg, Germany

~ had current members of REBARKER and ex-members of UPSET, DON QUICHOTE and THE JUKEBOX SCENARIO and was a punk outfit based in magdeburg, germany. some describe their songs as influenced by the LOVITT-post-hard-mathcore bands of the late nineties (read: 400 YEARS, SLEEPYTIME) but aiming for a harder sound bringing them closer to bands like BOTCH and DEAD GUY.
...dead since 2010.
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Track Name: Anthem For Meaningful Singalongs
Tell me something I don't know and please spare us the bullshit. (It's been 30 years now and this is all you got?)
This is a call for new blood. This is about you and me and all in between. I know that you know that I know where you stole those lines from. This is an anthem for meaningful singalongs.
Are we through with the bullshit, the pretentious behaviour? It almost fucking hurts.
This is a call for new blood, passion and love. This is about you and me and all in between. I know that you know that I know where you stole those lines from. But hey:
I'm not gonna tell anyone 'cause I'm a cheater myself. But at least I got the guts to admit and laugh about it, while all you have to offer is your serious fuck face.

[30 years of punk and content-wise almost nothing now. clichés, rip-offs, poses, copies and often just plain bullshit. why are we screaming so loud anyways? what are we complaining about? can we for once just be authentic and not behave like dumb fucks on an ego-testosterone trip, please?! is that possible? and please, stop beating your breast and faking that upset look on your face when all your singing about has the relevance of the weather forecast in 'xyz'.]
Track Name: If A Problem Doesn't Stare You Back Then Maybe It's Not Worth Looking For
One of these days I'm going down. I guess I had it coming quite a long way now. Do you know the feeling when the walls are closing in on you? I've tried and never made it so far. Just keeps pulling me into the same old patterns.
The term "control freak" is an understatement. If you knew what's going on behind these walls, you'd probably have me institutionalized, but I keep telling myself it's all just common sense.
If a problem doesn't stare you back then maybe it's not worth looking for. Just have to let it go and believe. The worst case (scenario) ain't happening and if it does - guess who comes up with plan B.
I really want to believe that it's all gonna come out a OK. Experience taught me otherwise so many times.
I know it's not, but anyway here's my theory: I got this mantra going on inside my head...until my ears bleedand my tongue goes numb.

[responsibility and control freak-like behaviour. checking and re-checking things again. two times. three times. four times. five times. the others will forget it anyway.
compulsion. one day the whole thing will explode leaving me stuck in a dead end. no moving forward, no moving backward. and that will be it.]
Track Name: Bring It On. I Can't Wait Any Longer
So you wanna "proactively address the challenges & opportunities of climate change", huh? Tell me braindead, what's the opportuinities involved? You sellin' me bullshit, exploiting my guilt, my concerns and my awareness? Sorry that I've to break the news to you: But I don't want it, I don't want it.
I can't wait any longer. Bring it on. I just can't wait any longer. Bring it on.
Take a last breath, a last look and kiss your loved ones goodbye. We are not going to escape from this one. Not this time, mate.
(The last thing we need when facing the burning end is a rep of the fuck-ups selling me the means of my demise.)

[the quote is taken from a marketing text of an enterprise that wants to market/exploit the opportunities of climate change. to me it is totally unclear what these opportunities are all about...
sure as a clever interpreneur you can sell a lot of overprovided bullshit focussing on ecological arguments and abusing the ecological awareness/bad consciousness of some consumers, but in the end, my friends, we are all gonna die. these lyrics are definitely a very punctual and abbreviated view on a complex subject, but I felt te urge to get it out.]
Track Name: Nobody Wanted To Play With Steve Ballmer When He Was A Kid
It all started with a chance for what we use to call "less developed countries". A simple way to achieve (self) control and fairness and inexpensive education. But then Steve & his team joined the game. I wouldn't say it got dirty - but some do.
But was it a chance anyway? In our and in their terms? Or just a handshake and a "good luck"? Honestly, do we believe this (self) control & fairness" or is it just corporate interests? But then Steve...
How did you force them to change their minds? What kind of pressure did you use this time? How would you call what you just did, Steve?
You have the power and I guess a vicious sense of ethics, too. But does it really have to end this way again? Quality combined with ethics can win, too!

[it's always the same. the consumer/user is not supposed to look - or even go - beyond the sold solution. the software producer sets the rules and all you get is a bad product that you don't understand. and this is intended. the business strategy of microsoft is successful and in order to keep it that way they have to start with the youngest in the education system: they have to get them used to their system right from the start. things like emancipation, autonomous conttrol over codes and conscious decision-making are considered a threat. after all, the best consumer is a clueless one. it worked in europe and northern america, so it will also be in the so called 3rd world. disgusting.
these lyrics were partially stolen from this article:]
Track Name: Curtain Falls
The line to the ones loved betrayed and forgotten. Left to find but the masquerade of withering smile/lie.
I look at your face as I turn my back on you. I comfort your tears while my words swallow your heart. I swallow your heart.
And I know you so well what you strive to become your needless desire to keep yourself paralyzed. Your affections - a pistol to my head. My emotions - take comfort from deceit. I don't want your forgiveness. Just take this blackened heart from me and I will fade as the curtain falls.

[ever hated yourself for the things you have said? knowing that the best of intentions couldn't set you free from lying to the ones you care for? I wished I could come up with an excuse for what I have said, but it won't change a thing. when the curtain falls, it's not about forgiveness anymore - it's about drawing a line.]